Kid Stars Rising Christian
Learning Academy
2122 Hope Mills Road
(Grades K-2)
Fayetteville, NC 28304
6248 Cliffdale Road
(Grades 3-12)
Fayetteville, NC 28314
c/0 Mount Gilead Church

Where Christian character is made and lifelong learning is inspired!

Contact Dr. Simmons for enrollment questions at:
Phone: 910-779-8085
Fax: 910-779-3290

In covenant with Restoration Christian Center, Int’l (Church)
1994 Ray Road
Spring Lake, NC 28390

Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy is committed to providing its students with academic resources that cater to the whole child: academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.  Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy is a private school for students in prekindergarten (4-years old w/state specifications) up to twelfth grade (2023-2024).

Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy is open between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

The schedules for our schools are as follows:
7:00-8:00 Before School Care (PK-2nd Grade Only)
7:30-8:00 Breakfast (Elementary and Middle School/High Schools)
8:00-2:30 Elementary School Hours
8:00-3:00 Middle School/High School Hours
2:30-6:00 After School Care (2122 Hope Mills Road location).
Parents can elect any or all of these services depending on their child(ren)'s needs.

Parents will need to transport their children to Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy for the before school care service.  Transportation is available between schools in the morning and afternoon for families with children in our multiple facilities.

The academic school year 2023-2024 will begin on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, with open enrollment throughout the year as space permits!  Our small class sizes provide the opportunity for students to receive the differentiated/small group instruction on the academic level that suits their individual needs.  We also have the capacity to offer virtual/online instruction to those families who feel safer at home with administrative approval.  We love children and will be thrilled to have your child(ren) become a part of the Kid Stars Rising Family!

Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy aims to provide its students with a rigorous and holistic academic education, which includes instilling good morals and character development by teaching them what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Using the ABEKA curriculum and other traditional and digital resources, highly qualified staff will ensure daily that students engage in hands-on activities, and a well-rounded curriculum that entails reading, math, science, social studies, technology, art, music, physical education, media, Bible Study, Spanish, and relevant field trips.

Early enrollment is available and will be open throughout the year as spaces permit. Please contact one of our friendly staff members who will assist you with any questions or concerns at his or her respective email address:
Dr. Sharonne Simmons- Principal -
David Simmons - Associate Principal
Michelle Goble - Associate Principal -

Open House for our students in prekindergarten - 12th grade will take place on Thursday, August 31, 2023, from 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm at the child's respective school.  More information will be provided for each location's actual time. This will afford parents the opportunity to take a tour of our facilities and meet your child's teacher before the official start of school. We look forward to our parents partnering with us and having an active voice in the school's future moving forward.

Why choose Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy?

  • Very affordable and competitive tuition rates (prorated for partial enrollment).
  • Registration fee - $30.00 - non-refundable
  • North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship and ESA+ (Disability Grants and Education Savings Account) programs participant.
  • Pending administration approval, a virtual/asynchronous learning option is available if the need arises.
  • BSAC (Basic School-Age Care) certified staff members.
  • CPR/First Aid certified staff members.
  • A personal and nurturing Christian educational environment.
  • Experienced/state-certified owner along with certified & highly qualified teachers who provide differentiated instruction for students who need extra assistance.
  • Research-based and highly effective ABEKA curriculum and other curricular resources.
  • GradeLink School Management and Communication Platform.
  • Class Dojo Communication Platform.
  • Technology devices available for students in grades K-12.
  • Nutritious snacks offered daily.
  • Before and after school care available for the students of Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy.
  • Kid Stars Rising is a part of the Sandhills Titans Sports Team (students ages 10 and up can participate in sports such as football, basketball, and cheerleading).
  • STARS Mentorship Program.  Students in grades 3-12 discuss Biblical principles and scenarios that can prepare them for life's challenges.  This program starts in mid-October.
  • Summer tutoring program available from June until August for students in kindergarten up to eighth grade.
  • Bible Summer Camp available for students in grades K-12.  Bible Camp will be available each year from June to August.  During this time, students will participate in Bible-themed arts and crafts, learn memory verses, and attend several field trips. 


We believe in GOD the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) according to Matthew 28:19, and its importance in the training of true discipleship for all mankind. We believe the Bible to be the true and unwavering Word of God according to 2 Timothy 3:16-17. We believe in the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ our LORD. We believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and is the guiding force of all today's believers.


Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy is dedicated to providing learners with a holistic education that values academics, diversity and moral character and prepares them to successfully compete in a global world.


Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy commissions its students to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in order to become lifelong learners in an environment where high academic achievement and Christian character are the top priorities in their lives inside and outside of the classroom.

YEAR-ROUND OPEN ENROLLMENT We are currently accepting enrollment applications for the 2024-2025 school year! Please contact us to request a tour of our schools at your earliest convenience! Items needed for registration are: *Registration Fee *Child's Birth Certificate *Immunization Records *Most recent report card (if applicable) *Latest test scores (from previous school) *Other academic or behavioral records (i.e. IEP, BIP, or 504 Plan)


L to R: Top Row: M. Lene'(Lead Teacher) and M. Goble (Associate Principal) Bottom Row: D. Simmons (Associate Principal), and Dr. Simmons (Principal)


L to R: Top Row: M. Lene' (1st/2nd), T. Fortune (Resource), C, Williams (K), T. Doctor (K) Bottom Row: D. Simmons, Dr. Simmons, M. Goble


L to R: Top Row: T. Toler (4th/5th), T. Jordan (3rd) Bottom Row: D. Simmons, Dr. Simmons, M. Goble


L to R: Top Row: C. Hunt (ELA/SPANISH), S. Morgan-Doyle (MATH), S. Bailey (HISTORIES), L. Wright (SCIENCES) Bottom Row: D. Simmons, Dr. Simmons, M. Goble




KSR Master Calendar 2023-2024

The master calendar displays important events that are scheduled for this school year. The master calendar is a working document and new events may be added throughout the year as needed. In the case of a new event being added or an already scheduled event changed, families will be notified in advance.

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Third Quarter Awards Celebration

On Wednesday, March 27, 2024, please come out and help us celebrate your students' success for the third nine weeks grading period! We will begin promptly at 3:15 pm in the church sanctuary at Mt. Gilead Church, located at 6248 Cliffdale Road. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Who: All Middle and High School Students ONLY What: Formal Dance When: March 28th @ 6:00-9:00 PM Where: Little Studio 215 - 215 Williams St, Fay, 28301

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Spring Break takes place this year on Friday, March 29th - Friday, April 5th, 2024. Please take this time to enjoy family and friends and prepare to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by our LORD and Savior JESUS Christ.

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Teachers of the Year 2023-2024 imageTeachers of the Year 2023-2024 image
Ms. Monica Bonnell-Lene' continues to shine at Kid Stars Rising!  She goes above and beyond to carry out the vision and mission at our school.  Ms. Bonnell-Lene works extremely hard daily to ensure her students' academic, social, and emotional success.  She is supportive, helpful and a team player to all who she works with daily. We are blessed to have her on our team and name her the Elementary School Teacher of the Year 2023-2024! She has earned the TOY award for the second year in a row, which speaks volumes of the respect that she has earned from the administration and staff.  

Mrs. Caitlin Hunt is an indelible staple at Kid Stars Rising!  She sacrifices her time and resources to ensure that our students receive the best education possible.  Without Mrs. Hunt, many of those "extra" tasks would go unattended.  She is a team player and always willing to help others in need. She freely goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis, even opening up her home on certain occasions. We are honored for her to serve as the Middle/High School Teacher of the Year 2023-2024!
Kids Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy is excited to announce that our school will participate in the Opportunity Scholarship and the Education Savings Account program (Disabilities Grant) for the 2024-2025 school year!  These programs are tremendous resources for the families of children in grades K-12 who need financial assistance to send their child(ren) to a private school of choice.                                              

Need More Information?
Visit: Opportunity Scholarship - NCSEAA
Visit: Education Student Accounts (ESA+) Program - NCSEAA
Who We Serve

Who We Serve

The target market of Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy are children in pre-kindergarten up to those in twelfth grade (ages 4-19) who are comfortable in a least restrictive educational environment and/or may have mild mental inhibitors such as Autism, Attention Hyperactive Deficit Disorder and Specific Learning Disabilities. The principal and staff will work diligently to ensure that each child has differentiated instruction that will meet his or her individual needs.

Abeka Curriculum

Abeka Curriculum

Students will be educated using the Abeka curriculum. Millions of Christian school students have used Abeka since it started in 1972. Students taught with Abeka have been accepted into prestigious colleges and gone on to serve the LORD in demanding careers. For over forty years, schools and homeschooling families have trusted Abeka to provide materials using the traditional approach proven successful throughout education’s history (, 2019). The Abeka curriculum is very affordable and versatile for all age groups. Professionally illustrated textbooks and teaching aids, hands-on activities, challenging exercises, purposeful repetition, and the reinforcement of concepts from subject to subject give teachers the proper tools to make learning interesting and memorable. Each subject’s content comes from the work of skilled, dedicated scholars who have conducted primary research. Students have the opportunity to experience academic excellence and build moral character that leave them equipped for life (, 2019).

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Regular Academic School Day

Regular Academic School Day

The duration of the academic school day at Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy is 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. for the elementary school, and 8:00 am - 3:00 p.m. for the middle/high school. Each day begins with pledges to the Bible, the Christian flag, and the American flag followed by morning prayer. Middle and high school students will also participate in daily Bible study. Chapel is available every Friday morning where children review and discuss Biblical topics and themes. Children will engage in daily learning experiences that encompass the core subjects of English Language Arts, Spelling, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Resource classes such as Physical Education, Music, Art, Computers, Media, Guidance/Bible Study, and Middle/High School Spanish (2nd semester) will be available each week for the children. Lunch and recess are also included in the daily schedule.

Before and After School Care Programs

Before and After School Care Programs

Our before and after school care programs will cater to students who attend Kid Stars Rising Academy and other surrounding private and public schools. Students will be allotted time to complete their homework, have a morning or afternoon snack, and participate in fun-filled activities such as outdoor recess, indoor dramatic play, technology, and arts and crafts.



GradeLink is a student information system (SIS) that connects administrators, teachers, parents, and students in one seamless system. From grading to attendance, scheduling to homework, discipline to medical records, Gradelink school software is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. This program has raised our communication levels within and outside of the school to a whole new level.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo

Class Dojo will be used this year as one of our primary forms of communication for our Academy. The Principal is a certified Class Dojo Mentor and will guide the information shared in your child's classroom and on our Kid Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy's School Story. Once your child(ren) enroll(s), please use the following link to request to join our school. ​ Your child's teacher will approve all requests. Class Dojo is the fun-named digital platform that works to connect teachers, students, and families in and out of the physical classroom by using a feed of photos and videos as well as messaging. While a photo and video feed from the classroom to parents and guardians is popular these days, and certainly not a unique service, the messaging part is a little more rare. Class Dojo specializes by offering a decent messaging service with built-in translation for up to 35 languages and a rating system for monitoring student progress.

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Sports Team - Covenant Crusaders

Sports Team - Covenant Crusaders

Kid Stars Rising is delighted to be a part of a private school/home school sports team named the Covenant Crusaders. Students ages 10 years old and up can participate in sports such as football, basketball, and cheerleading. Please contact Coach M. at 203-518-4016 for more information.

STARS Mentorship

STARS Mentorship

The STARS Mentoring Program will be available by January each year. Students Taking A Radical Stand will be available for students in grades 3-12 every other Tuesday afternoon from 3:00-4:00 depending on enrollment. This time is when students will discuss Biblical principles and scenarios that will prepare them for life's challenges. The Principal will provide opportunities for students to engage in activities that support character development, study skills, respecting parents and other authority figures, and standing up to bullies. Christian-based music, art, dance, and virtual activities are included. As safety permits, we will take two off-campus field trips each school year. This program is free for students.

Summer Bible Camp/Tutoring Program

Summer Bible Camp/Tutoring Program

Summer school tutoring is offered from June until August. This year, we will accept students in kindergarten - 12th grade who need specialized help in the areas of reading math, science, and social studies. The North Carolina Essential Standards will be reinforced during these sessions. From June 12 through August 18, 2023, we will provide a traditional or online format based on your students' needs. We also provide a flexible schedule that caters to your busy lives. Please contact Dr. Sharonne Simmons for details at Very affordable and flexible rates. Please see the application in the LEARN MORE tab.

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Dr. Sharonne Simmons


Dr. Sharonne Simmons has 23 years of experience in public and private school education. She is a certified and licensed classroom teacher and former school administrator in North Carolina Public Schools. She earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Fayetteville Technical Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (K-6), and a Master of School Administration, both from Fayetteville State University. She is a North Carolina Principal Fellow. Her Doctor of Education (Educational Leadership) was conferred upon her in August 2018 from Gardner-Webb University. She has worked as a lead teacher in the children's church ministry at various churches for over 30 years. Dr. Simmons has also served as a Christian Education Director as well as a Young Adult Christian Ministries Leader. Dr. Simmons has a heart for children and their success is her passion. Currently, she is an active member of Restoration Christian Center Int'l. Church, where she enjoys sharing the Word of GOD, singing on the praise and worship team, and teaching children's church.

Mr. David Simmons

Associate Principal

David Simmons is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Educated at Fayetteville Technical Community College, his specialties are visual arts and computer/tech repair. Mr. Simmons has a pure heart for GOD and loves children. He is an invaluable asset to Kid Stars Rising and assists in all areas of the schools. Mr. Simmons is an active member of Restoration Christian Center Int'l Church, where he enjoys playing in the band and supporting the church in all areas as needed.

Mrs. Michelle Goble

Associate Principal

Michelle Goble has held various positions in public education for 23 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Methodist University in 2010 and taught full-time in Cumberland County Schools from 2011-2022. With teaching experience in all grades (K-12), Mrs. Goble brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the KSR family. Mrs. Goble is a member of Real Life Fellowship and has served on staff in several different churches as ministry assistant/accompanist. She and her husband, Del, enjoy spending time with their children - Caitlin and Zack Hunt, Patrick and Kaitlyn Bohannon, Kayla Goble, granddaughter BrookLynn, as well as their 4-legged babies, Ty and Izzy. KSR is excited that she will serve alongside us in her new role as Associate Principal this year!

Michelle Goble

6-12 Bible Study/ Grades 6-12 Resource / 6-12 Guidance

Michelle Goble has held various positions in public education for 23 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Methodist University in 2010 and taught full-time in Cumberland County Schools from 2011-2022. With teaching experience in all grades (K-12), Mrs. Goble brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the KSR family.

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Faye Demeritt

Administrative Assistant/Data Manager

Mrs. Demeritt has over 15 years of experience working in various Administrative and Secretarial positions in Spokane County Schools in WA State, Fort Bragg Schools and Harnett County Schools. She comes to us with a wealth of knowledge as a Receptionist, Front Desk Clerk, Data Manager and Office Manager coupled with her experience of 20 years served in the U.S. Air Force.

Carolyn Williams

Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Carolyn Williams, the proud mother of two, grandmother of six, and great grandmother of three. I received an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and have worked in the school system for 20 years, primarily in kindergarten. I enjoy working with children and helping them grow.

Tulisha Doctor

Kindergarten Teacher

See attached.

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Monica Bonnell-Lene’

Lower Elementary (Grades 1-2) Lead Teacher

I am blessed to be a part of Kid Stars Rising Academy. I am so excited to join such an amazing team and to work with each of you and your children. It is my goal to educate, encourage, and love every child on an individual basis according to their academic needs in a way that will help them reach their goals and their full potential in all areas of the curriculum. I was lucky to attend Galveston University during my senior year of high school then transferred to graduate Lamar University in 2005 with a Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Having graduated top 1% of my class I was invited to pledge Kappa Delta Pi. I have been an educator for 15 years collectively across the states of Texas, Louisiana, California, and North Carolina. The past seven years I have worked at Morganton Road Elementary gaining experience in Kindergarten-3rd grades and was named Teacher of the Year in 2018. God has blessed me with my fiancee Jamie Scott, my son Lane, my adopted daughter Donna, three stepsons, Dolen, David and Adam, and a beautiful grandbaby named Landen. Thank you for welcoming me into the Academy. I am very grateful and super happy to continue this journey with you and your family.

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Tanya Fortune

K-5 Resource Teacher

Tanya Fortune comes to Kid Stars Rising with a variety of skill sets and strengths. She has been with the Academy since its inception in June 2019 and has served wherever needed as an administrative assistant, classroom teacher, and teacher assistant.

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Terrie Jordan

Third Grade Teacher

Terrie Jordan has over 30 years teaching experience in Cumberland County Public Schools. She is a licensed, certified, retired elementary teacher. She has a Master’s degree in Reading Education, is a National Board Certified Teacher and certified in Montessori Education. She also worked as an adjunct teacher at UNC-Pembroke in the Birth thru Kindergarten Program. She has a heart for teaching the whole child in a Developmentally Appropriate manner.

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Kayla Goble

Upper Elementary Teacher (Grades 4-5)

Kayla Goble has experience working with first and second grade students as well as serving as an after-school care teacher of all student ages. She loves children and has the desire to become a special education teacher in the future. We are thankful to have her as a part of our Kid Stars Rising Family!

Caitlin Hunt

English/LA/Spanish I & II Teacher MS/HS

Caitlin Hunt has been in education since 2015. Prior to finishing her education degree, she worked as an assistant teacher and long term substitute at Fayetteville Christian School. She graduated from Fayetteville State University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Mrs. Hunt continued her education career as a sixth grade ELA teacher for Cumberland County Schools for 4 years.

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Stephanie Morgan-Doyle

Math Teacher - MS/HS

Stephanie Doyle is an enthusiastic Mathematics teacher whose mission is to share her discovery that “Math is Figure-out-able.” As a struggling Math student growing up, this was not an idea that she would believe. It was not until she started substitute teaching and doing research to equip herself better to help students understand better that she began to really understand mathematics.

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Susan Bailey

Social Studies/History Teacher - MS/HS

I am originally from southern Louisiana. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. I moved to North Carolina in 1984. I have a daughter and step son, daughter-in-law and three beautiful grandchildren. I received my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Pembroke University. I received my National Board Certification in 2006. I love teaching children and am excited to be part of KSR Learning Academy.

Linda Wright

Science Teacher - MS/HS

Linda Wright has held many different teaching positions in her 28 years as an educator. Linda graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor's of Arts in Elementary/Early Childhood Education. Her teaching career began in Florida, where she taught for a year and a half, followed by Tennessee, where she taught for nine years, and then she moved to North Carolina and taught for another seventeen years. During this time, she taught at prekindergarten, elementary, and middle school levels.

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  • 2122 Hope Mills Road, Fayetteville, NC, USA
  • 6248 Cliffdale Road, Fayetteville, NC Middle/High School