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Kids Stars Rising Christian Learning Academy is excited to announce that our school will participate in the Opportunity Scholarship, Disability Grants, and the Education Savings Account program for the 2022-2023 school year.  These programs are tremendous resources for the families of children in grades K-12 who need financial assistance to send their child(ren) to a private school of choice. We also accept students who transfer from other private schools and already participate in the Opportunity Scholarship, Disability Scholarship, and Education Savings Account (ESA+) programs.                                                                           Please see the list here:

Please send your request to attend our school to OR (Disability & Education Savings)

The Opportunity Scholarship is a program that helps families who make below a certain amount of income pay tuition at participating nonpublic (private) schools.
  • Covers tuition and fees
  • Awards up to $6,168 per year ($3,084 per student per semester)
Do I qualify?
If both these statements are true, visit Interested to learn about all the eligibility requirements:
  • My child attends a North Carolina public school or will attend one the Spring semester before the scholarship would begin (see eligibility requirements  for exceptions to prior public school requirement).
  • My family meets the income requirements
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