Stephanie Morgan-Doyle
Math Teacher - MS/HS

Stephanie Doyle is an enthusiastic Mathematics teacher whose mission is to share her discovery that “Math is Figure-out-able.” As a struggling Math student growing up, this was not an idea that she would believe. It was not until she started substitute teaching and doing research to equip herself better to help students understand better that she began to really understand mathematics.

Now, as a licensed teacher, she strives to show students how they can be good at Math. 

Mrs. Doyle is a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant with over 20 years of Logistical experience and 11 years in Education. She spent eight years as a substitute teacher in Cumberland County Schools and has been a full-time teacher since 2019. Mrs. Doyle holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master of Arts in Teaching. She is also a nationally certified softball and track coach.